Mozzie Facts

Mozzie facts

Mosquitoes transmit dangerous viruses including Dengue Fever, Australian Encephalitis, Yellow Fever, Zika, West Nile, Ross River Fever and Malaria.

Australia has over 300 species of the blood suckers, each varying in its appetite for human blood.

Sensitivity to mosquito bites varies depending on the person. Most people have the common, mild reaction of swelling, redness, itchy skin and irritation at the puncture site. However, some people will have severe allergic symptoms from the saliva of mosquitoes and if bites are scratched they may become infected with bacteria.

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Mozzie Fact #1
Blood sucking females! It’s the female which sucks human and animal blood. Blood is the protein they’re seeking to develop little baby eggs. The male is all about peace, love & plant nectar.
Mozzie Fact #2
Drinking beer & eating certain cheeses could make you the preferred dining choice of mozzies.
Mozzie Fact #3
Stay cool this summer! Think of the mozzie as a heat-seeking missile . . . the warmer you are, the quicker they find you and bite.
Mozzie Fact #4
Here for a good time, not a long time. On average, a female mozzie lifespan is around 45 - 65 days. The male usually lives for around 10 days only.
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