Waxworks products are inspired by natural repellent solutions for protection against mosquitoes. With no harsh chemicals, they are completely safe to use around your family and friends.

Our wide range of stylish and effective contemporary designed candles, candle holders, garden torches and incense holders.  Allows you to create a natural barrier around your entertaining area.

Nature’s natural weapon

Essential citronella oil is the active natural ingredient in all Waxworks candles, oils, incense sticks and coils.

Citronella oil is a naturally occurring repellent derived from citronella grass. Unlike the potent smell associated with traditional roll-on and aerosol repellents, citronella has a citrus-like aroma and is non-toxic.

Although there are many grades of citronella oils available, we only use superior citronellol to ensure maximum repellency in all our Waxworks products.

Mozzies cause more deaths than any other animal

Mozzies are attracted to humans by the carbon dioxide in our breath, our body odour and body temperature.

Citronella is a common natural and effective essential oil that works against mosquitoes by blocking the insect’s scent receptors, masking their ability to sense us.

Generally, mosquitoes are most active at dusk. However, in areas where mosquito populations are high they may bite at all times of the day.